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I’m Dusty Hale, a photographer living in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. I have more than a decade of professional shooting experience in areas of family portraiture, weddings, elopements, surfing, and general lifestyle photography. I post photography related information that I think is helpful to viewers that appreciate good photography and I also post new information about my photography projects here on the iDusty blog. If my posts resonate with you, be sure to also check out my portfolio on SmugMug.

Family Photography in Tamarindo Costa Rica

Family photography in Tamarindo, Costa Rica is beautiful and amazing and one of my greatest passions in photography is working with families to capture amazing portraits. It simply warms my heart knowing that I've created something that someone will cherish for a...

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Wedding Photography in Tamarindo Costa Rica

In the past, I've covered numerous destination style weddings in numerous areas throughout Costa Rica. I took a break from it to focus on a project that lasted several years but I am thrilled to announce that I'm returning to work and to say that I will soon be...

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Justin and Ryann’s Wedding Shoot

I recently had the honor of photographing the wedding of Justin and Ryann, a very nice young couple from the USA who flew to Costa Rica with a few family members and friends for the big day. We had a great dressing room session followed by capturing the first look....

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Web Development

The iDusty blog is run by Dusty Hale, a veteran web developer and premium WordPress consultant with over two decades of professional working experience. Dusty has worked for numerous leading Atlanta based web development agencies including Kaplan Communications, SpunLogic, and B2B Technologies and has worked on numerous enterprise-level website projects with 7 figure budgets. Dusty is also the project director and a founding member of HALE.GROUP, a diverse group of website and app development professionals.

Use G Suite Groups for Shared Inboxes

Do you use G Suite to power your organization's email? Have you ever needed to set up a general email box like info@yourcompany.com or support@yourcompany.com for you and/or several colleagues or more to share and help respond to general communications that are not...

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iDusty as in, I, Dusty Hale, founded HALE.GROUP over a decade ago and since that time we have developed and worked on numerous large scale website and application development projects. Visit HALE.GROUP to learn more.

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iDusty, originally from the Florida panhandle, have lived and worked in 7 different US states including Hawaii, Colorado, and California and 3 different countries including Jamaica and Costa Rica. My life has been a journey that tells a story that is still unfolding. I currently live a very simple lifestyle with my family in Tamarindo, Costa Rica for part of the year and also travel and live in a motorhome for part of the year in the USA. I’ll be posting articles about my adventures, successes, failures, and rants and hope that it somehow helps others to find some light in their own path in life.

Swells Come and Go

Swells come and go and each one brings a bit of the Pura Vida spirit to the surfing community of Costa Rica and an economic booster to the surf tourism industry of Central America. Some swells don’t just come and go though they stay with us for a long time to come…

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Witch’s Rock December 2009

Swimming with camera, fins, and helmet for several hours during a photoshoot at Witch's Rock in Costa Rica, I captured the current iDusty cover photo. I used an older Canon 50D SLR camera mounted in an Essex Water Housing. About the Author Dusty HaleI'm a professional...

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The Ol’ 90-Day Costa Rica to Nicaragua Border Run

The Ol' 90-Day Costa Rica to Nicaragua Border RunWhen one thinks of the word 'border run' it conjures up mental images of coyotes, bandits, and cartel movies. But in this case, as a North American expat, having lived in the Pacific Northwest section of Guanacaste,...

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Honest Reviews

Reviews are a powerful source for making decisions about what vendors and services one might choose to use to help meet goals in both business and in life. I take the products and services that I use, and that my organizations use, very seriously and we put a lot of thought and effort into ensuring that each and every product or service we purchase or subscribe to has a real value and benefits that justify the cost. I’ll be posting reviews about services and products related to the things I do and use which are mostly photography, web development, and life. If there’s something you’d like to see me review, please do reach out.

Shrimp Hole in Tamarindo

We're having dinner at The Shrimp Hole in Tamarindo, Costa Rice this very moment. To sum it up, if you're a shrimp lover, this place is amazing! We ordered the garlic curry shrimp dish and the garlic shrimp caesar salad. The Shrimp Hole in Tamarindo might be Dusty's...

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Review: Divi Wedding Planner Layout Pack

I decided to test Divi’s Wedding Planner Layout Pack for the purpose of possibly using it for a wedding services landing page focused on wedding photography, specifically, my wedding photography LOL!

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HostGator Review

Being so short on time at the moment, and in a rush to get my web presence and blog site live, what can I possibly say or write rather in less than 5 minutes with the intention of coming back to this post with some solid information!  What I can say is that my web...

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