My Go-To List of Cool Things to do with Divi

I’ve been in the web development business now for almost two decades. I started working professionally even before high-speed internet was available for home use and long before working remotely became common. Some 10+ years I founded HALE.GROUP, a professional group of modern website and application development experts formerly known as In the old days almost two decades ago while working in several high-end Atlanta based web development firms, we coded our own HTML pages and made either pure static websites or hand-coded HTML sites that used server-side scripting to connect to databases to display dynamic database powered content. In modern times we now use frameworks and systems like WordPress to spin dynamic CMS powered sites quickly and we utilize design theme tools like Divi. Although we often create and code custom WordPress themes for our clients, we sometimes prefer to use a blank but pre-made mobile responsive theme made by Elegant Themes known as Divi. We are able to code and create custom child themes that utilize Divi’s very powerful administration and page builder. The following list is a list of resources that I’ve collected and use in our own development practice. I hope this list might help other developers and website administrators get the most from their WordPress/Divi powered website(s).

If you have a suggestion to add to the list please comment below or send a message and we will check it out.

The Ultimate Guide to Using Images in Divi

Switching Your Logo on a Fixed Header in Divi

Equalize Your Blog Grid Column Height

Animate the Divi Full-Width Header Scroll Down Button
Warning: During testing, I found that it does not work in Safari.

Ultimate Guide to Creating a Divi Child Theme

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