I took an antigen covid test to enter the USA at Beachside Clinic in Huacus. It was very easy and I got the results back in about two hours. Use the instructions below or simply email covidtest@beachsidecliniccr.com to receive these same instructions by email.

Per Beachside Clinic:

So, you need to take a Covid test to fly out to a country that requires it. First, we are currently offering an antigen test and the PCR test. Therefore, make sure to find out which one you need. If in doubt, contact your airline. Why is this important? Depending on where you are going an antigen test is not acceptable. Besides that, the antigen test takes a few hours to be processed and for the PCR test we can only guarantee on-time results if we take on the third day before your departure (always making sure that you will not be taking it more than 72h before).

Now that you found out what you will need, it is pretty easy to set an appointment following some simple steps.

 STEP 1. The form

You need to fill up a digital form on https://mipruebacovid.com/. First of all, every person (even minors) interested in taking the test needs to fill up a form, regardless of which test you’ll be taking. Second, since the form contains important information regarding symptoms and some other time-sensitive data, please fill it no more than a week before your departure, the closer to your trip the better. Third, after submitting it you’ll find a 5-digit number at the end, you need that code. Make sure to write it down correctly! (Double check, please).

Note: Others have complained that the form will not accept a USA phone number. I used my Costa Rica cell phone number and found no issue with it.

STEP 2. Setting the appointment by email (covidtest@beachsidecliniccr.com)

The easiest way to set your appointment! Now that you submitted a form, and you have your individual code, all you must do is answer this email with some important info. We need a list of everyone taking the test and some details. For everyone include:

  • Full name
  • Passport number
  • Code. (Remember we need one code for each person taking the test).
  • What kind of test are you looking for?
  • Date and time of departure

STEP 3. Look for confirmation from us!

As soon as we get your request for an appointment, with all the required information, we will reserve a spot for you. So, we will answer your request with a specific date and time, considering three things: the 72h recommendation, the kind of test you are asking for, and our capacity. At this point your appointment is set, and there is no need for you to reply. But feel free to ask if you have any doubts or need to change the hour.

STEP 4. The day of the test

Regardless of where we are taking the sample (in the clinic, a hotel or in your house), just keep in mind a few things:

  • Be punctual.
  • If your test is scheduled in the clinic, look for a white tent in the parking lot behind the clinic (for yours and our staff safety we collect the samples outdoors or in a well-ventilated area).
  • Wear your mask at all times, and if there’s someone else there, keep your distance.
  • You will need an ID with a photo. Could be a passport or a driver’s license.
  • The test costs 68 000 col or its equivalent in dollars (around $115 USD) in card: debit, or credit. If it is a PCR test or 33 000 colones (around $55 USD) in card, at the clinic if it’s the antigen test. Extra charges may apply if we meet you outside the clinic.

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