What is Divi you ask? Divi is a popular responsive and highly customizable WordPress theme. What is WordPress you ask? WordPress is the most popular CMS website system on the internet. I won’t go into the details in this article so we’ll assume you either are a WordPress website owner already using Divi or interested in using Divi. To understand this article one should be familiar with the use of divi layout packs. I don’t normally like to use them honestly because I prefer to make my own layouts within Divi. However, they sometimes come in handy for a fast landing page or small startup project. 

In this case, I decided to test Divi’s Wedding Planner Layout Pack for the purpose of possibly using it for a wedding services landing page focused on wedding photography, specifically, my wedding photography LOL! I tested the layout pack by adding my own photography and customized the text to promote myself as the photographer. You can see the end result in the featured image at the top of this article. Below you can see a screenshot of the layout pack that comes preloaded with the latest version of Divi. Simply create a new page and load this layout.

Summary: I really like the layout but in my testing the landing page layout has unexpected visual issues when scaling to mobile device sizes. You can see that the template below breaks apart at mobile widths. For this reason I would not be able to use it out of the box. However, I do suspect that with some tweaks to the modules in the layout using the mobile and tablet settings, that if one had the time (and know how), one could tweak this layout to work well at mobile sizes. 

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