iDusty as in, I, Dusty Hale, founded HALE.GROUP over a decade ago and since that time we have developed and worked on numerous large scale website and application development projects. Visit HALE.GROUP to learn more.

Who We Are

We are a diverse group of website and app development professionals. Our team members have a variety of skills ranging from UX design and prototyping to coding and development and are located across the globe working in a virtual office environment managed at our headquarters based in beautiful Tamarindo, Costa Rica.

What We Do

Simply put, we provide the expertise and skills needed to plan, design, and develop websites and web-based applications by modern standards. We provide a core set of services and skills designed to accomplish the goals of a project. It starts with planning and prototyping. This sets the stage for both frontend and backend application development.

About the Author

Photo of Dusty Hale surfing in Costa Rica.Dusty Hale
I'm a professional photographer and website solutions consultant living in beautiful Tamarindo, Costa Rica for over a decade. It is my joy and pleasure to serve others using my creative and technical skills in the digital industry.

If you have a suggestion, idea, or any thought at all, please reach out.

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