Being so short on time at the moment, and in a rush to get my web presence and blog site live, what can I possibly say or write rather in less than 5 minutes with the intention of coming back to this post with some solid information! 

What I can say is that my web development organization HALE.GROUP used HostGator for several years as a solution for WordPress projects on low startup style budgets. For larger more complicated projects we never even considered them at all. In the end, we learned the time old lesson that you get what you pay for. When you use low cost shared hosting solutions for WordPress sites, sooner or later, you’re going to have security issues on shared hosting plans regardless if it’s HostGator, GoDaddy, or some other low cost shared solution. To use these services successfully with WordPress the website owner needs to pay for additional security services via a 3rd service or WordPress plugin. When you add in this additional cost and headache, we think it’s simply better to host WordPress sites on a specialty platform like Pantheon. 

Summary: On behalf of my entire web development group (HALE.GROUP), we recommend passing on HostGator completely for the reason that our sites we hosted there where constantly hacked and repaired. Their shared platform is like a target for attacks. We recommend using Pantheon and you can read our review on their very amazing specialty platform for the WordPress website development process.  

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