Okay, let me set the record straight here, I don’t literally sell my sperm online for a living. I did, however, develop the online solution that allows one of the world’s leading sperm banks to offer its clients a robust online platform for selecting their ideal donor and purchasing the sperm of said donor for the purpose of artificial insemination. Let me also add that when I say I did this, I’m referring to my web solutions group HALE.GROUP. We are a small group of web development experts and as a team we planned, designed, coded, and brought to life a very specialized eCommerce system designed around the policies, rules, and regulations of the sperm bank and sperm donation industry.

The challenges of selling donor sperm online far exceed that of any standard out of box eCommerce system thus setting the stage to develop a custom system designed around very unique and specific requirements. The solution also required intragrating a 3rd party API which allows the WordPress powered website to communicate with the organization’s inventory database.

We continue to maintain and improve the system with new features based on user behavior and feedback. The end result is a highly successful eCommerce solution that allows patients around the world to easily select and secure units from their ideal donor all conveniently from their mobile device or computer.

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