Ok, so I confess that I am an avid user of the popular project management tool known as basecamp. However, with more and more monthly services costs being added to my organization each year, I’ve decided that it won’t hurt to take another look at other project management tools and record my findings here on this post. A quick google search yields many options. I glanced at a product called ClickUp that claims it has a great free plan so I’ll give that one a shot first and see happens More to come… 

Notes: Basecamp has been HALE.GROUP’s go-to project management tool for years and honestly we could not imagine managing projects the old way through standard email, documents, an spreadsheets. Basecamp gives us a solid cloud-based collaboration platform that allows us to keep the collaboration separated by individual projects and/or teams. The con to basecamp is the cost is rather high for freelancers or low budget projects. 

Notes: ClickUp claims to have a really good free version. I plan to do some research on the service and update this post.

Notes: Trello is somewhat popular and well know. I personally have not tested or used it so I can’t provide any feedback on it but perhaps at some point, I’ll review it and provide my thoughts. 

More to come…


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